HRSG User's Group: Improving steam-plant reliability, durability and profitability    

Users Unite

When electricity deregulation began in the 1990s, new heat-recovery steam generators (HRSGs) were introduced, which had a lot of unforeseen problems. Back then there were no HRSG-specific books or internet to provide solutions, so a handful of us combined-cycle and cogen plant managers started to meet to solve these problems. Many manufacturers were unaware of these problems, and even in disbelief. However, when we invited them to our discussions, they went back to the drawing board, shared their solutions with us, and improved their designs. Thus began the Annual HRSG User’s Group Conference & Expo. 

A decade later, when other countries started to deregulate, international HRSG users came to our meetings to learn solutions to the problems they were now facing, which we had already solved. They made the improvements at their plants, and presented their successes at our following conference. 

We’re going on 27 years now, and our Group continues to grow, branching out into the design & build phase of combined-cycle projects, while still focusing on solving operations & maintenance problems as they emerge— such as the 2018 code change requiring a new welding technique, instead of post-weld heat treatment on all P-91welds.

Industry statistics verify that our collaboration of users, manufacturers, and EPC contractors has improved HRSG reliability, durability, and profitability. This is what we’re all about!

Rob Swanekamp
Executive Director

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