HRSG User’s Group—Improving steam-plant reliability, durability and profitability.

About Us

Users Unite

In 1993, a handful of combined-cycle and cogeneration plant managers gathered to discuss the technical challenges they faced with their heat-recovery steam generators. That meeting led to the formation of the HRSG User’s Group, a professional association that helps power plant owners and operators obtain cost-effective service from their equipment.

Today, the HRSG User’s Group boasts:

  • A global presence with over 1,500 members in 50 countries
  • A benchmark publication on the design, operation, and maintenance of HRSGs
  • The longest-running annual Conference & Expo that ties together the theoretical fundamentals of steam generation with the practical, hands-on insights needed at the plant-level

Open to All

All activities of the HRSG User’s Group are open to ALL industry participants — including manufacturers, EPC contractors, water-treatment suppliers, engineering consultants and insurance carriers. In fact, we welcome these professionals and recognize them as a positive force in our Group because they can provide key technical knowledge, a healthy diversity of opinion, and the resources to help solve virtually any plant operation technical challenge that arises. In other words, ours is not an exclusive club, it’s an inclusive one!
You can become a member of the HRSG User’s Group simply by attending one of our conferences.
Check out our upcoming meetings and available publications using this website’s navigation bar. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact the HRSG User’s Group with your question.
Rob Swanekamp, Executive Director
HRSG User’s Group serves 1500 members in 50 countries with HRSG training, education and the industry benchmark Handbook.
 HRSG User’s Group serves combined-cycle powerplant owner-operator managers