HRSG User’s Group

Improving steam-plant reliability, durability and profitability

The HRSG User’s Group is the premier forum for the worldwide combined-cycle/cogen industry because we’ve been uniquely giving a voice to suppliers, users, consultants and EPCs to solve HRSG problems since 1993.  Our annual meetings have covered the entire range of challenges encountered with today’s power plants, specializing in operations & maintenance, retrofits, HRSG inspections, and new construction.

Our heat recovery steam generator user group uniquely ties together the theory of combined-cycle technology with the hands-on skills that users need to stay competitive.

For the best training on combined-cycle O & M, join the HRSG User’s Group! Don’t confuse our conference with any other events in our industry. We’re the original! So, join us and the hundreds of repeat attendees who make this the one HRSG conference worth attending.



We currently serve over 1500 members across 50 different countries.
Come hear how combined-cycles run on all types of fuels from many countries.

Thank you for hosting the 2019 HRSG User’s Group Conf & Expo in Las Vegas. It was informative and enjoyable.

US Southeast Utility

Boiler & HRSG Engineer

It was extremely pleasant to look around the room and see so many younger people this year. It’s great to see a new generation of users coming to the conference.

Bill Newell, PE, PEng, IWE

VP, Engineering, Euroweld

The HRSG User’s Group is like a top-notch university with highly diversified faculty—different owners, operators, consultants, and suppliers —all coming together to gain knowledge from their shared expertise. No matter how many of the Group’s conferences I attend, I always walk away with fresh knowledge, and new insights. As I look back on my combined-cycle career, I think of the members of this group as my best teachers and mentors.

Paul D. Lofton

Maintenance Specialist, (Ret)